Great Math Inquiry Projects!

Check out some of the inquiry projects grade 6 students are doing in math class.  Students are able to pursue their own interests and use mathematics being learned in the classroom to answer their own questions.


  1. Is my favorite sports player’s performance worth their salary?
  2. Am I eating a healthy diet?
  3. How much money do I cost my parents as a Middle schooler?
  4. Which university has the best value?
  5. Do I exercise enough each day to be healthy?
  6. How can I re-design the grade 6 hallway to increase student wellness and a greater sense of community?
  7. How much water do I use in a year?
  8. Create a sports team with the best players for the cheapest cost.
  9. Who is the most popular ‘star’ in the world right now?
  10. Is your favorite animal in danger of going extinct?
  11. How big will Riyadh be in 2030?
  12. How do you design an environmentally sustainable resort in the Red Sea?
  13. How fast are coral reefs disappearing?
  14. How much would it cost to support a family of 5 refugees for a year?

Leave a comment! Tell us what cool math project you are doing. What do you think about these projects as a student, teacher or a parent? Share your thoughts.





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