Problem solvers

These two grade 2 students were answering this question and had different answers but their approaches were similar. They presented their thinking and through a rich discussion and looking at each other's work, they agreed where the mistake was made. One student measured the entire pencil including the eraser and the other student only measured up to metal eraser part. Love when students have a chance to share their thinking with each other.


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Sharing learning!

Grade 5 students at the American International School of Mozambique had a wonderful opportunity to share their thinking with the parent community. It was great to see parents working through problems with the students, sharing ideas and listening to students explain their understanding. Smiles all around! 




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3 leveled graphing questions results in flow!

In a grade 4 math class, students were provided with 3 graph questions. The teacher worked with a small group of students offering direct instruction and support, another group was working independently and then provided time to collaborate and a third group was provided a rich challenge problem and could collaborate and share ideas. THE RESULT = A wonderful flow in terms of rich conversations, engagement, student agency over their thinking and teacher opportunity to provide support for learners. When students are given choice in how to use the math to problem solve, deeper understanding results.





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Grade 8 Math learning


At the American International School of Mozambique, students spent their grade 8 math class understanding surface area and area using their own hands. When learning is designed around a rich task, student engagement goes up, learning becomes differentiated, learning goes deeper and it opens up the learning to provide multiple opportunities for the teacher to ask questions, support student learning with direct and small group instruction. Wonderful math class!





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Wonderful learner agency!

These grade 1 students had the opportunity to reflect on their learning regarding addition and subtraction word problems. After looking through their work books and conferencing with their teacher, the students filled out a post-it-note and placed it under the strategy they felt most successful using. It was wonderful how each strategy was represented using their own work!



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