A grade 1 number talk

A grade 1 teacher sets up her classroom for a number talk on adding 1-digit numbers. 

Teacher spends time setting up the learning experience for her students and their NUMBER TALK.

An example of the student learning about 1-digit addition strategies after the number talk. Student was given an opportunity to share his thinking. Wonderful!

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Students experience productive struggle!

Students are working together to try and solve this word problem. At the end they share their thinking with each other and celebrate their math thinking!!


Let’s learn a little bit about our visiting schools. The American International School of Mozambique has 620 students. The American International School of Johannesburg has 2 and half times more students than Mozambique. The American International School in Ethiopia has 892 students less than Johannesburg. The International School of Kenya has three times the student population of Ethiopia and the International School from Swaziland has 217 less students than the International School of Mozambique. How many students are there in total?


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Grade 5 students working on Number sense!

Lots of learning happening on the Grade 5 floor! The teachers and students are piloting a workshop model approach to learning math. Among the 4 classrooms, there were students leading math workshops on multiplication, teacher led exploration about perimeter and area using blocks, students outside adding decimals using base 10 blocks and small group instruction. Best part was the level of engagement, student agency and POSITIVE ENERGY!!!!!!


5.21 + 4.32 = 9.53


Using building cubes, students are exploring relationships between perimeter and area


Students leading a workshop on multiplication


Students working in small group instruction building decimal addition understanding

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Building food webs!

Based on their OWN CURIOSITIES AND INTEREST, students are researching their own ecosystems and are now starting to build food webs to try and connect their 50+ species to see if their ecosystems are biodiverse.

And then 15 minutes later, their food webs grew in complexity and it started to get interesting.


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