Innovation in science class!

Grade 6 students are starting a new unit on CELLS. The project for this unit is to research a system of their own choosing and design a solution to a problem in their system based on knowledge gained from a cell. Here are their innovative ideas.

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On the first day of school, grade 6 students were given 20 minutes and asked to come up with innovative design solutions to improve the design or functioning of a reusable water bottle. Here are some of their ideas. What are your ideas? Please take a moment and share your ideas about improving a water bottle.

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Student improves the air board based on knowledge gained from learning about the cell.

This grade 6 ELL student spent time learning about various organelles of a cell  system while also learning about the system he chose to compare it to; the airboard. As he learned about the mitochondria and how it makes energy for a cell, he was curious about the energy of his system and he came up with a What if.

What if, the airboard could produce its own energy? 

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