Students innovating solutions for real-world problems!

This student was inspired by the simplicity of the CELL as a system and chose to try and reduce the complexity of a prosthetic arm system. He is designing affordable and easy to make prosthetic arms out of cardboard and plastic syringes! 

This Grade 6 student is trying to use the structure of the cell membrane and cellulose to try and find a solution to the “pop off” problem in the Rubrics Cube.

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Innovation in science class!

Grade 6 students are starting a new unit on CELLS. The project for this unit is to research a system of their own choosing and design a solution to a problem in their system based on knowledge gained from a cell. Here are their innovative ideas.

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What is a solar eclipse?

Are you curious about why a solar eclipse happens only every 18 months? This student created a video to try and explain it.

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