Students innovating solutions for real-world problems!

This student was inspired by the simplicity of the CELL as a system and chose to try and reduce the complexity of a prosthetic arm system. He is designing affordable and easy to make prosthetic arms out of cardboard and plastic syringes! 

This Grade 6 student is trying to use the structure of the cell membrane and cellulose to try and find a solution to the “pop off” problem in the Rubrics Cube.

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Students building confidence

These students are learning about integers and how to explain their thinking using number lines. Here is their work and more importantly, how they feel about their work.

I felt like this problem was simple to draw and I liked how I labeled my work. Thank you  for teaching me and making me improve.

I felt very confident when I solved these problems and now I properly scale.

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Students excited about learning in math!

When students see that math makes sense, they get excited! We want to celebrate those A-Ha moments.

I’m not going the move the decimal over when I want to figure out percents. Instead I’m going to break apart the number and divide each number by the percent. Then I’m going to add the numbers together to get my answer.

I was really happy with this because it felt better solving the problem without a number line and instead found my own way to solve it. It really helped me understand the problem better.

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